Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

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Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement in Iowa City, IA

A chipped windshield presents more than just a cosmetic or reduced visibility issue—it can also impact your safety. In a front-end collision, your windshield provides up to 45% of your vehicle’s structural integrity. This statistic jumps to 60% of your vehicle’s structural integrity in a rollover accident. 

Considering how much you have riding on your windshield, it must be installed correctly, free of damage, and able to do the job it’s designed to do. Fortunately, if yours is damaged, Harv’s Auto Body Repair is here to help. 

Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement

Windshield repair is typically a quicker and less expensive option than a windshield replacement. We often repair a windshield for minor chips or cracks smaller than a quarter. 

In windshield repair, we inject a special resin into the damaged area to fill the crack or chip and prevent it from spreading further. This resin becomes crystal clear, making it virtually impossible to know where the original damage occurred.

Windshield replacement is necessary when the damage is more severe or affects a larger portion of the windshield. During windshield replacement, our technician removes and replaces the damaged windshield with a new one. 

While more extensive, replacement is still relatively quick and can be completed within a few hours. At Harv’s Auto Body Repair, we can install all types of windshield glass: laminated or tempered, OEM or aftermarket type. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Windshield?

Whether you need auto windshield replacement or repair will largely depend on the extent of the damage to your windshield. 

Repair may be the best option if the damage is minor and doesn’t affect your ability to drive or obstruct your view. However, more severe damage—such as a large crack or a shattered windshield—will require replacement.

Ultimately, whether you should have windshield repair or replacement depends on the specifics of the damage. It’s best to have a professional assess the damage and make a recommendation based on our expertise. 

It’s also important to check with your insurance provider to consider coverage and out-of-pocket costs for the necessary services.

More Auto Glass Replacements

In addition to windshield replacement, we offer glass replacements for many parts of your vehicle, including:

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